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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Can you give an example of a high temperature use?

GRAPHALLOY has recently been used in a high temperature steam (up to 540C) and inert atmosphere environment to convert wood chips and used cooking oils into biodiesel fuel. Because standard bearings were not an option in this environment, Graphalloy provided a solution. The production of biodiesel fuel is important because it is biodegradable, nontoxic, clean-burning and renewable.

Additionally, it burns much cleaner than petroleum-based diesel, creating about 60% less net carbon dioxide emissions. These factors make it an ideal fuel for buses, trucks and farm equipment. This application design uses several standard bushings as well as custom-sized bushings for their prototype machines.

Graphalloy’s diverse mountings and extensive experience proved valuable in developing a solution for this difficult environment. Alternative fuel manufacturing is a growing field due, in part, to efforts to reduce dependence on petroleum-based fuels. Graphalloy will continue to be a valuable resource for these high-temperature applications.