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Thursday, October 25, 2012

High Temperature Damper Solutions

A power company in North Carolina was having problems with their ID fan dampers between the electrostatic precipitator and the stack.  The high temperature for the flue gas (approximately 300° F) coming out of the precipitator was baking the grease in the bearing. 

This gas contained some fly ash that was causing clutch failures in the damper actuation system and required emergency maintenance to avoid shut down of the boiler. GRAPHALLOY® 845 inserts were installed to replace the ball bearings. 

The dampers have run trouble free for more than two years.

Monday, October 8, 2012

GRAPHALLOY Solves Problems in High Temperature Steel Mill Cooling Bed

A Midwestern steel mill was using GRAPHALLOY® bushings for the horizontal rollers in their cooling beds. The bushings were thriving under severe heat and water spray conditions. 

Because of this success, the mill was considering using GRAPHALLOY flange bearings for another application: the vertical guide rollers along the sides of the cooling beds that were used to keep the hot steel from running off the sides. 

These guide rollers remain static until a piece of hot steel slams up against them. At this moment, they are expected to turn instantly to guide the steel back onto the cooling bed. This mill had been using conventional greased rolling element bearings in the vertical guides that were lasting only a few months. GRAPHALLOY proved to be successful on the vertical rollers as well and the mill has since retro-fitted additional lines with GRAPHALLOY.