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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

GRAPHALLOY Bearings are FDA Accepted

GRAPHALLOY® bearings are key ingredients for minimal maintenance and uninterrupted production in food contact equipment. The FDA has accepted GRAPHALLOY, a graphite/metal alloy, for use in ovens, conveyors, pumps and mixers.

  • Self-lubricating; works without external lubrication
  • Operate in extreme temperatures (-450° F to +750° F/-240° C to +400° C)
  • Avoid loss of lubricant in steam/pressure washes
  • Contain no oil or grease
  • Can be immersed in liquids without contaminating food production
  • Operate submerged in low viscosity and corrosive liquids

High heat applications challenge the life and durability of conventional bearings. In cold, wet environments, bearings often cannot hold lubrication. Use of GRAPHALLOY bearings can solve these problems and, as a result, reduce downtime and lost production.

For more information about the success of GRAPHALLOY in food applications, please read our Pizza Oven Case History and our Seafood Processing Plant Case History.