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Thursday, October 23, 2014

GRAPHALLOY® Bushings: Well-Suited to Cold, Wet Applications

Freezer conveyors are not a problem for GRAPHALLOY.

A seafood processing plant in the Southeast was running a conveyor in their freezer area to "flash-freeze" fresh seafood. The environment is a difficult one: the temperature is cold (28 degrees F/-2 degrees C) and wet and the system requires frequent wash down. The conveyor bearings were being replaced every other month.

The plant maintenance superintendent contacted GRAPHALLOY about the problem. It was determined that the current bearings could not hold lubrication under these conditions and, as a result, breakdowns were occurring frequently.

GRAPHALLOY 4-bolt flange block assemblies were installed and have been running successfully for more than five years. The company has since placed orders for additional flange assemblies for their freezer conveyor and fish wash down lines. GRAPHALLOY continues to work with the plant maintenance superintendent to identify other opportunities on their fish processing conveyors.
The self-lubricating qualities of GRAPHALLOY bushings are well-suited to cold, wet applications. Once again, GRAPHALLOY bearings work when others fail.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Bearings that Withstand Harsh-Run Conditions in Paper Plant

When a paper mill suffered repeated failures of the original bronze bearings furnished with the equipment, the maintenance staff switched to graphite-metal alloy bearings.

The move was made to GRAPHALLOY® self-lubricating bushings designed specifically to withstand the intermittent dry-run conditions of the paper mill’s stock tank agitators, where varying stock levels sometimes eliminate all lubrication.

The mill uses 15 pulp stock agitators to produce manufacturing papers and labels. Each unit has a horizontal shaft driving a 54 inch, 4 blade shockless propeller made of stainless steel. The original bushings were made of bronze and had graphite plugs that were expected to provide self lubricating properties.

One of the GRAPHALLOY bushings was installed. During the plant’s shut down six months later, this bushing was inspected and showed no wear. In another six months, the bushing once again showed no wear. Eight additional GRAPHALLOY bushings were then ordered and the new bushings were installed on all remaining agitators.

After two years, the bushings were still operating well and no measurable wear was apparent on those installed 18 and 24 months prior.

Mill management expects to save at least $40,000 per year by reducing purchases of replacement parts and the labor required for replacement of the previous bushings. Additional benefits are expected by freeing up maintenance staff who previously spent a significant portion of their time addressing the agitator problems.

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