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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

GRAPHALLOY® No-Lead Bronze Solves Difficult Application Problems

Graphite Metallizing Corporation has developed several bronze GRAPHALLOY® grades that do not contain lead. These essentially lead-free formulations are used in bearings and bushings where the potential for lead contamination is unacceptable.

Applications include deep-well and potable water pumps, and food-processing equipment such as ovens and conveyors. GRAPHALLOY no-lead bronze has been accepted by the FDA as suitable for many food-grade applications.

The family of no-lead bronze, developed by Graphite Metallizing, offers all the advantages of the leaded bronze GRAPHALLOY without any sacrifice in performance. GRAPHALLOY bushings and bearings are non-galling and are dimensionally stable even when submerged, under load or experiencing wide temperature swings.

There are GRAPHALLOY grades that can withstand temperatures ranging from cryogenic to +1000˚F. Because GRAPHALLOY bushings and bearings are self-lubricating, they are suitable for applications where maintenance operations are infrequent or difficult.