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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Glass Comeback Possible, According to WSJ

The Wall Street Journal recently said that there was a possibility for a glass comeback due to glass product's sustainability versus single-use plastic.  If the glass industry can improve recycling rates, glass offers a greener solution.  Read more here.

With more production demand, less downtime is the goal.  The nature of glass manufacturing requires bearings that can handle high temperatures.  Self-lubricating metallized graphite bearings offer a maintenance-free solution to glass plants experiencing lubrication problems in their bearings.

Friday, February 21, 2020

Submerged Bearing Solutions

Underwater or submerged machinery present a bearing problem:  How does one maintain lubrication that will inevitably be washed away?

The answer is in self-lubricating bearings that maintain their shape while submerged.  Metallized graphite bearings achieve this due to their unique properties.  They are highly self-lubricating due to the graphite structure- no other lubricants are required.  They do not swell.  They are uniform and non-galling, which allows for tighter running clearances. They maintain their integrity even when submerged in hostile liquids such as acids, alkalies, hydrocarbons, black liquor, and liquid gases.

Graphalloy has over 100 grades of metallized graphite bearings engineered to best meet the application's requirements and provide maintenance-free submerged service.  Learn more here.

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Successful Bearings for LNG Pumps

GRAPHALLOY® bearings and bushings are used in many low viscosity pump applications to help eliminate operational problems.

Pumping fluids with low lubricity such as LNG and Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs) can be difficult for metallic bearings. The hydrodynamic film provided by these low lubricity liquids is unable to provide sufficient lubrication, which can lead to metal-on-metal contact, galling or seizing.  

Graphalloy has unique properties to address these issues.  It is non-galling and does not seize, which allows tighter running clearances.  It is self-lubricating and can protect the pump during periods of flashing or extended run-dry operation.    

Read more from a Modern Pumping Today Article

Visit the Graphalloy site to learn more

Friday, December 20, 2019

What is Silver Graphalloy?

Silver Graphalloy is an alloy of silver impregnated graphite. This material is recommended for many of the most difficult self-lubricating bushing and current carrying applications. It has been widely used due to its low and constant contact drop, extremely low electrical noise, and long life.  Although it is primarily an electrical contact and brush material, it can be used as a bushing material in chemical solutions which attack other lubricants or metallic bushings.

Read more about Silver Graphalloy and its applications here:

Graphalloy contacts

Monday, December 9, 2019

Machine Design Article on Graphite/Metal Alloy Bearings

A Machine design article online recently featured an article about the benefits of Graphite/metal alloy bearings, including new grades for FDA, NSF/WRAS and Molten Sulfur applications.

Read more about the capabilities Graphalloy bearings offer here:

Monday, November 18, 2019

Graphalloy in Service for 14 years

Graphalloy received a repeat order from an automotive manufacturer. The customer said they were replacing the Graphalloy copper-grade bushings after 14 years of service! The dryer oven is slow speed, 480°F, and 100 lbs. load.

See more successful high temperature applications here.  

Friday, November 8, 2019

Parts for Pump Survival & Reliability

Case Rings and Wear Rings

Pump wear rings and case rings made from GRAPHALLOY® materials can significantly improve the reliability and efficiency of both horizontal and vertical pumps. The unique properties of the Graphalloy material, a range of self-lubricating graphite-metal alloys, benefit users across a wide variety of pump services.

Read more here.

GRAPHALLOY 'Disaster' Bushings for Improved Safety in Case of Seal Failure
“Disaster Bushings” are used in pumps outside the seal to minimize product leakage to the environment in the event of a seal failure. GRAPHALLOY® materials provide ideal properties for a disaster bushing.