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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Is GRAPHALLOY A True “Run-Dry” Material?

GRAPHALLOY® is an alloy of carbon graphite and metal. The graphite provides continuous lubrication without the need for grease oil or other forms of lubrication. GRAPHALLOY deposits a thin film of graphite on the shaft to reduce friction and the metal impregnate help to transfer heat from the rubbing surface to the housing. GRAPHALLOY has much higher temperature limits than many thermoplastics available today. Run-Dry transients will not melt the GRAPHALLOY as it may do to other materials. Normally the pumps can be put back in service immediately after dry running transients while plastics usually require replacement.

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

GRAPHALLOY® Split Bushings for Continuous Screw Conveyor Service

Split Bushings that can withstand dust, chemical attack, caustic liquids and high temperature environments are now available from Graphite Metallizing.

Graphite Metallizing Corp now offers GRAPHALLOY® Self-lubricating Split Bushings (Type 1017) that can withstand dust, chemical attack, caustic liquids and high temperature environments. Designed for screw conveyors, these bushings directly replace standard metal or plastic bushings. The GRAPHALLOY bushings require no oil or other lubricants eliminating a potential contaminate to the conveyed product.

These Type 1017 bushings are split to provide for easy installation and replacement along the length of the conveyor. GRAPHALLOY Split Bushings for Continuous Screw Conveyor ServiceAdditionally, these split bushings provide superior performance in continuous duty operations and in applications where maintenance intervals are infrequent, or where useful life must be prolonged. One user recently extended the life of a conveyor from three months to two years, saving over $4,000 in one unit by replacing plugged bronze with a GRAPHALLOY bushing.

GRAPHALLOY, a graphite/metal alloy, is compatible with most industrial liquids and is not affected by submersion in most acids, alkalies, hydrocarbons or liquid gases. GRAPHALLOY does not deform under load and maintains dimensional stability. Because of their long life and self-lubricating qualities, GRAPHALLOY bushings are especially suitable for installations that cannot be accessed easily, or where performing regular maintenance is difficult. GRAPHALLOY products work where oil-based lubricants oxidize and where plastic bushings fail. GRAPHALLOY bushings are applied in refineries, paper mills, waste-to-energy plants, glass plants, steel mills and power plants.

GRAPHALLOY materials are self-lubricating, withstand temperature extremes from -400°F to +750°F (-240°C to 400°C) and thrive in harsh environments where other bearings fail. Special grades provide reliable service up to 1000°F (535°C) and higher in non-oxidizing atmospheres. GRAPHALLOY bushings and bearings are a proven solution for even the most challenging plant maintenance and new equipment design requirements.

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