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Thursday, January 27, 2011

GRAPHLON GM 860® — An Abrasion-Resistant Pump Bushing Material

GRAPHLON GM 860® is an abrasion-resistant bushing material that protects pumps and helps prolong pump life. Developed by Graphite Metallizing, the material is a tough, polymer/graphite-based alloy used in the manufacture of pump bushings and other critical-wear parts.

GRAPHLON GM 860® provides exceptional abrasion resistance in harsh environments, has high compressive strength and can handle temperature extremes from -100˚ F to 300˚ F  (-75˚ C to 150˚ C). It is inert to most noxious chemicals, including acid mine water, hydrogen sulfide and jet fuel, and does not swell in water.

GRAPHLON GM 860® was developed as a replacement for traditional pump materials which are prone to damage from highly-abrasive suspensions. River water pumping stations and down hole sump pumps are two examples of key applications. The material also performs exceptionally well under both dry running and severe-duty abrasive-contaminated conditions.

Graphite Metallizing Corp., established in 1913, produces GRAPHALLOY® a graphite/metal alloy bearing material used in the manufacture of self-lubricating bearings and components for machinery and process systems.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

GRAPHALLOY® Cam Followers For High Temperature Applications

Graphite Metallizing Corporation announces GRAPHALLOY® high temperature cam followers which outperform ordinary grease or oil-lubricated cam followers in high temperature applications.

GRAPHALLOY cam followers do not contain oil or grease to harden, burn up, contaminate or wash away. They are designed to handle moderate loads and speeds of up to 100 RPM. They provide reliable performance in temperatures up to 750°F (400°C).

Typical applications include bakery and industrial ovens, steel mill processing lines, glass plants, conveyors, kilns, stokers and substrate dryers. GRAPHALLOY cam followers also perform well in low temperatures environments of -100° F and below (-73°C and below) and in wet or submerged applications.

GRAPHALLOY, a graphite/metal alloy, is a uniform, solid, self-lubricating material. GRAPHALLOY cam followers will not deform under load, maintain dimensional stability and provide a constant low coefficient of friction for improved wear. GRAPHALLOY cam followers are especially suitable in applications where maintenance tasks are cumbersome, difficult or impossible to perform.

Graphite Metallizing's GRAPHALLOY cam followers are made to industry-standard dimensions. We can also supply metric sizes and special or custom designs.